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Here at Cool Guy Names we aim to provide you with some fantastic name ideas that fit into a variety of ‘cool’ themes. You might be looking for something specific, or some ideas to inspire your own ‘Cool Guy Name’. Good luck with your search!

Popular Names

  • Orton
  • Jax
  • Lance
  • Justin
  • David
  • Adrian
  • Flynn
  • Grant

Here’s a list of the most popular names in the USA according to the official Social Security Administration report.


Major Celebrity Names

  • Brad
  • George
  • Ryan
  • Leonardo
  • Matt
  • Mark
  • John & Jon
  • Ben
  • Jamie
  • Aaron
  • Paul

Cool Guy Names from Mythology

Have you considered using a name out of Greek and Roman mythology? I think this will be the next trend in cool names for guys. While they are widely recognised, they are rarely used in Western society and many of them sound fantastic! Not only that but they have fantastic history and meaning attached to them. Check them out here

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